The Tess series addresses contemporary challenges in the world today

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the advent of ISIS, the refugee invasion of Europe, Russia's attempts to recover world power status, the tension between privileged and ordinary people, the proliferation of mercenaries and the corruption at many levels of society are dealt with in great detail.  

Tess Awakening and its sequel Tess Valkyrie. Both books are also available in a combined version, Tess Awakening: The Complete Story. Tess battles against her nemesis General Amir al-Saadi who is obsessed with her. She also wants something from him. The conflict ends in tragedy redeemed by a poignant resolution.. 

Tess: The Abomination of Human Trafficking, a powerful examination of a global problem.

Tess: Day of Reckoning. Tess and Jake battle terrorists who acquired nuclear weapons. They also try to keep Russia from starting a war. At the same time they need to address relationship issues. 

Tess: Clash of Civilizations.  Tess and Jake face a dilemma. Their adopted daughter Aara received a huge inheritance from Tess’s nemesis,  Amir. The fortune comes with an unsettling condition: Aara must marry into a Muslim family within one year. Suddenly, Tess and Jake must assess whether such a condition is acceptable.

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Andres Mann

Before I started writing fiction, I was an Army Officer and a business executive. My education includes degrees in Political Science and International Relations. I am a published author of three management books and various business articles.
I have been fortunate to meet remarkable people from all over the world, most of them good, others not so much. Some were extraordinarily talented, able to perform well in multiple endeavors. My novels are based on the actions of real people I have observed dealing with challenging situations. I believe that it is interesting to understand multi-faceted personalities that are fascinating and evil at the same time, making it difficult to make quick judgments about right and wrong.
Currently, I am following my passion by writing the Tess series of adventure novels. 

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